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Do Better Box is a t-shirt subscription box that helps you take activism one step further than a catchy slogan.


How It Works



We design each box and the shirt it supports around a specific cause with an expert roundtable of artists and activists, to help you become a better advocate for the issues that affect us all:



Make a commitment to doing better throughout the year by subscribing to a season, or buy any box a-la-carte for the causes you care about. 


Dig deeper

Being a better advocate requires you to educate yourself, listen to others, and ask yourself the important questions. Let our boxes point you in the right direction. 


talk about it

Angry tweeting at the President is easy. Talking to your co-workers about race is hard. We’re here to help you have productive conversations in the real world.
Because IRL > URL. 


Inside the Box



Each box is centered around a different human rights or environmental issue, and teaches you actionable ways to address these issues within yourself, as well as on a wider scale. 


In each box you'll find:

  • An overview of the box and the cause it supports.

  • A thought-provoking t-shirt.

  • Conversation starters to spark productive dialogue.

  • Vetted resources to educate and inspire.

  • An actionable item to help you make a difference.


Outside The Box





Fashion has always been political, and making a statement with what we wear is more impactful now than ever. Unlike hashtags and tweets, our shirts are moving the conversation off the social media echo chambers and into the real world, where we can engage with each other face-to-face.



Because we can all do better.